Lissamine Green Barrier Filters

Lissamine green staining fades relatively quickly so should be assessed one eye at a time to prevent it being under-reported in the eye observed second

When lissamine green is used it is important to instill an adequate volume (10-20ul) to allow adequate staining. At least a minute and no more than 4 minutes shows optimum staining (Foulks 2003). It is important not to view with too bright a light source or the staining is bleached out.

The staining is enhanced if a red filter (Wratten no 25 equivalent) is used as a barrier device on the slit lamp, in the same way that a no12 Wratten filter is used with fluorescein (see below).

In the photos below, taken after wearing a silicone hydrogel bandage contact lens, the lissamine green staining of the exposed bulbar conjunctiva can be more clearly seen when the barrier filter is used in the right hand picture.

Both fluorescein and Lissamine green stain mucous . If this remains untreated it can lead to filamentary keratitis, which is extremely painful. Treatment is either by saturation dosing with hypotonic artificial tears such as Theratears Standard Drops , or a mucolytic such as acetylcysteine.

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